indoor + outdoor

Projected to be one of the largest cultivators in the state of Maryland, the PRIME campus supports both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The state-of-the-art facility will span over 100,000 square feet set on a campus with 44 acres of growing capability. We are proud to be the only facility Maryland that supports 10 acres of outdoor, sun-grown cannabis and 30,000 square feet of greenhouse growing. The diversity in our cultivation process allows for variety of flavor profiles, potency within our product lines, and accessibility to quality, affordable medicine.


lab t3sting

Patients deserve the cleanest and most responsibly sourced cannabinoids to help treat their symptoms and ailments. Prime's high-performance liquid chromatography testing (HPLC) ensures safe, consistent products with each and every harvest. After our formulations are sent for third-party testing, results are neatly displayed on packaging to ensure Maryland patients are properly informed.  


pur3 + pot3nt

Prime strives to exceed state and patient standards. Our brand name is exemplified every time we plant new seeds, pour a batch of shatter, or formulate a vapor cartridge. Prime utilizes whole plant extraction methods — 100% food grade ethanol to distill Maryland strains down to their molecular level.



Our color-coded system allows patients to easily identify the strain type, even when the product has been removed from its packaging. Lab tests are thoughtfully designed on package inserts and serve as an educational tool to help patients utilize terpene and cannabinoid profiles found in various strains.